Student Research Presentation in Savannah, GA

Last month Erica and I visited Savannah so that I could co-present the results and discussion from an original research study conducted by a student of mine. I recorded the presentation, which is linked below.

Rooftop bar off Bay St.

I've presented with students at conferences before, but usually those students have helped with a small part of one of my studies. This presentation was the reverse. Kim planned and orchestrated and analyzed etc. She did it all. I chipped in where I could, but mostly I sat on my hands. I'm very proud of her.

The night before our talk we went to the Flying Monkey Thai restaurant, where I got to meet Kim's dad. He is a truck driver, and many times he admitted that going to an academic conference was outside of his wheel house, so to speak. But it was clear that he was very proud of his daughter. He attended the talk, and Kim said she caught him snoozing.

It was a neat experience that I hope to remember for the rest of my life.

Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World Annual Conference, Savannah, 2023