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Below are full texts to some of my articles (18), book chapters (4), and one full book.

Contemporary Neuroscience Humanizes: A Look at Cortical Bi-lateral Asymmetry and How it Got that Way. The Humanistic Psychologist. 2014.

Overcoming parallelism: Naturalizing phenomenology with Goldstein and Merleau-PontyProgress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. 2015.

Phenomenology without correlationism: Husserl’s hyletic materialIndo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology. 2015.

The runner’s high revisited: A phenomenological analysisJournal of Phenomenological Psychology. 2016.

Introduction to Psychologizing. In P. Whitehead. Psychologizing: A Personal, Practice-based Approach to Psychology. Rowman & Littlefield. 2016.

Goldstein’s self-actualization: A biosemiotic viewThe Humanistic Psychologist. 2017.

Becoming a college student: An empirical phenomenological analysis of first generation college studentsCommunity College Journal of Research and Practice. 2017.

Introduction to Expanding the Category "Human". In P. Whitehead. Expanding the Category "Human". Lexington Books. 2018.

Review of Existential Medicine: Essays on Health and Illness by Kevin Aho. APA Division 32 Newsletter. August 2018.

Overcoming the Impassible Gulf: Phenomenologizing Psychophysics. (with Tayha G. Smith) Journal of Phenomenological Psychology. 49, 64-82. 2018.

Motivational Trajectories and Well-being in Sport--A Phenomenological Study of Running by Feel. (with Gary Senecal.) The Humanistic Psychologist, 46(1), 53-73.

Introduction to Resituating Humanistic Psychology. Lexington Books. 2019. (With Miles Groth)

Review of Postphenomenological Methodologies by Aagard et al. APA Division 32 Newsletter. January 2019.

Belief in Neuroscience. Montréal Review. 2020.

Examining the Scientist-Practitioner Divide in Psychology: A Transactional Analysis Typology of Scientists. International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research and Practice. 2020.

Applying Heidegger to Case Study Research in the Medical and Social Sciences. Qualitative Report. 2020.

Social Support, Identity, and Meaning: A Phenomenological Analysis of Post-Concussion SyndromeFrontiers in Clinical Neuropsychology, 2021. (With Gary Senecal)

Internationalization of a course in human development at an American UniversityInternational Research and Review, 11(2). 2022.

Life Is Easier Than It Seems: A Guide To Analyzing Yourself And Others. Renegade Psychology. 2022. (Entire Book)

Facilitating Significant Learning in Asynchronous Online Courses: A Descriptive Phenomenological Analysis and Discussion. Journal of Educators Online, 20(4), 1-12. 2023.

"Self Determination Theory and Higher Education." Chapter 1 of Autonomy Supportive Teaching in Higher Education: A Practical Guide for College Professors. Rowman & Littlefield, 2023.


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