General Letter of Recommendation for Sorority Application (Humor)

Dear Sorority,                                                                                                 30 January, 2022


It has come to my attention that it would make a former of student mine very happy were you to permit them to join your university-affiliated social group. I do not know what forces compel them to seek membership to your order, only to say that these forces have been substantial enough to reach out to a former instructor of theirs to write a letter on their behalf.


I am unfamiliar with the qualities that make for a desirable sorority person, but I feel that I can say a few things to the credit of the candidate about whom this letter has been written. 


I can, with reasonable certainty, say that this student is in good standing at our school. By this I mean that they have passed their courses and are matriculating through their degree programs. This shows measures of responsibility, discipline, and commitment. To this I could also add that they have shown initiative, which is to say they are not simply waiting around for your invitation to arrive by mail. 


Together, I trust that these qualities make for a fine candidate for membership to your group. I have said all that I can about the candidate in question, but would be happy to summarize it further if it becomes necessary to reach me in person. My contact information is below.







Patrick M Whitehead

Associate Professor of Psychology

Coordinator of General Education

Albany State University 


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