I am a showoff and an insufferable knowitall. I generally think that whatever I think is what everybody else should think, too. I'm working on that. 

My name is Patrick, and I live with my wife, Erica, in Albany, Georgia, which is in the United States. We have a farm with chickens and goats and dogs that we take of, and birds and butterflies and snakes that mostly take care of themselves. Below is an adorable picture of me with an infant goat named Blaze balancing on my back. The picture was from several years ago. Today, Blaze is the size of a motorcycle and would crush me. In my free time I train for and run ultramarathons.

Professionally, I am associate professor of psychology and coordinator of general education at Albany State University, which is a public HBCU. I have written seven books and dozens of articles in the areas of psychology, philosophy, and education. My current interest is educational psychology. More specifically, I am interested in existential and humanistic approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment. 

That is what this website is all about. Internet statistics tell me that my publications, which have earned me tenure and commendations from my university, are read by tens and very occasionally hundreds of people on a weekly basis.

In 2019, I was named ASU's scholar of the year. (I do suspect that the university president was disappointed to give the award to a tattooed guy in an untucked shirt and slippers.)

Photo with Drs Brown and Hamm, who were also honored in 2019.

Here are my favorite books. Find pre-print versions of my work at Academia and ResearchGate. Buy my books on Amazon here. Click on Free Articles here or above to see what is currently available by Copyright. Or if you want any of my books or articles that are still under Copyright for free, then e-mail me at my faculty e-mail address, which is patrick[dot]whitehead[at]asurams[dot]edu 


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